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MANDEEP SHARMA - Veda Education

Veda Coaching, Veda Tuitions, Veda Playschool

NSN celebrates women entrepreneurs who work despite all odds to leave their mark in the society. Mandeep Sharma, an NSN Woman, is the founder of Veda Coaching, Veda Home Tuitions and The Veda Toddlers-a Play School. From product and market challenges to leadership, hiring issues, supplier problems and funding difficulties, she faced constant 'fire-fighting' simply to stay in the game. An M. Phil. and MBA graduate, she has been teaching since past 13 years and has moved from being a teacher to a full time entrepreneur. She is a modern woman who believes that time is limited and it should not be wasted living someone else’s life.

Veda Education wishes to cater to all fields in the realm of imparting knowledge to young minds. The services include provision of home tutors/private tutors, teacher registration at the Veda Institute, day care and play school for activity based learning.

Veda Home Tuitions and Coaching is a complete resource for tuition training committed to assisting children to do their very best in school and at home. Their core ideology is academic excellence, technical innovation and domain expertise built over 10 years. The website provides following services -

· Request a Tutor for all subjects across Chandigarh Tricity

· Register as a full time or part time teacher

· Personal Home Tuitions for Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees

Using her method of teaching and area expertise, she is able to give special attention to each child and customize the curriculum as per their understanding. Mandeep aims to provide each child the opportunity to learn in a positive environment and help them reach their maximum potential.

Veda Education has further expanded into Veda Toddlers – A Playway and Activity Centre. The mission of this environment is to ensure development of the full learning potential of each child through a safe, nurturing, child-centred atmosphere. Mandeep wishes it to become a model school for other play schools and day care centres. Veda Playway aims to provide a child with Montessori based learning thus acquiring the required skills and language ability to prepare them for their learning journey through school and life.

The several programs and services of the Veda Playway can be accessed through the website They have –

· CCTV surveillance for parent and guardian satisfaction

· Activity room for Montessori based learning

· School App for daily updates on child growth

· Play area and educational equipment for overall growth of the child

Mandeep is a strong willed woman who has been working hard to teach the young minds and help them realize their potential. We wish her all the best in her journey of grooming the next generation. To know more about Mandeep and her different projects, please check out the webpage

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1 Comment

Veda Education
Veda Education
Apr 04, 2023

Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info regarding Veda Education. It is so appreciated!!!!

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