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A creative enthusiast and a ETSY, Canva veteran, Shweta Garg has always been passionate about finding new art talents, nurturing them and giving them platform to showcase their skills. She understands how pivotal it is to bring the right audience to an artist, so beautiful art can be created together.

Creative enthusiasts can take art retreats and workshops in any medium and at any levels!

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Our Story

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The Experience Space is a creative platform launched by ex Delhi-based Shweta Garg who now lives in Chandigarh with the endeavour to provide artists and creative people a space to showcase their skills and extend the range of their talent even more through dedicated workshops. The Experience Space is a Community Art Space. It’s a place to collaborate, learn, share experiences and art over coffee!

If you are looking forward to getting hands on experience or basic understanding of different arts/crafts you can attend the scheduled workshops taken by the self-taught artists from different parts of India! The purpose of this platform is to meet new people and learn new things at every workshop :)


Shweta Garg is a creative enthusiast and her love for art has been transformed into beautiful and innovative workshops. Some of the workshops organized by her are the Mandala Art, Brush Calligraphy, Fluid Art, Macrame Workshop, Pottery Workshop, Shushi Rolling and the list goes on. Her workshops are fresh and different providing you with an innovative perspective towards Art.

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