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Kavlin K Ahuja


With over 9 years experience in the world of makeup and beauty, Kavlin K Ahuja is passionate about making each and every client feel fabulous in their own skin. A celebrity and bridal makeup artist, Kavlin has an excellent knack of doing different kinds of makeup however over the years she has also added skin care consultation to her kitty.

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As a beauty influencer from Delhi, she wishes every women to rise, shine and glow. She makes sure that every girl feels and exudes joy on her special day! She has detailed, in-depth knowledge of make-up and beauty products and procedures and uses them to create desired visual results.

A dynamic, vibrant, passionate and creative person, Kavlin has a progressive career with great contacts in the Punjabi film industry. Her creative and technical expertise and passion for her work provides the desired visual result for all her clients.


​Kavlin K Ahuja has excellent knowledge of makeup products, techniques and technologies. She has great communication and interpersonal skills with a creative mindset and artistic personality. She is customer-oriented with a proactive and positive attitude. She handles -

  • Bridal Makeup

  • Party Makeup

  • Celebrity Makeup

  • Hair styling

All her work is done professionally adhering to stringent personal hygiene standards. She makes sure that her clients feels comfortable and joyous at the end of her makeover.



+91 981-581-9924



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