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If you have a running business, a growing business or even an idea, we would love to associate with you, study your business and provide guidance so that you reach your goal. A business has several technicalities, be it finance, marketing, staff or customers, we aim to thoroughly understand your business, its environment and provide you viable options to work upon.


We will create a COMMUNITY of motivated, talented women who want to build a name for themselves.

The members will meet periodically to discuss their ideas on a common forum and thus find other women with similar interests. Talk shows will be organized to motivate everyone. The group will be abuzz with activities throughout the year where our group members will be active participants. We will work on the tiniest of details pertained to your business as our aim is your success.


We aim to make it a national group and hear the voice of every woman possible.

Nurture Strengthen Network


“Nurture ideas into Strong businesses through NSN Network and marketing”

Meet The Team

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Navneet Kaur

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Design & Creative Head

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Shubhi Gupta

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Finance & Content Designer

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Navjeet Kaur

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Communications & Networking Head

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